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LIQUID is the world’s First Card Extension

Get more automated cash back rewards on top of the rewards you already receive from your existing credit cards. Link your cards, spend as you normally do, and get cash back!

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Join a creator membership to earn cash back. By signing up with your favorite creator, you’ll receive curated offers and experiences.

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Link your debit or credit cards to redeem rewards seamlessly. Our bank & financial partners store your information, not LIQUID.

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Explore the offer gallery, activate those you want to use, and shop at your favorite brands to earn cash back and make progress toward additional benefits and perks.

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With the click of a button, move your earned cash back to your bank account. The ease of cash out leaves more time to enjoy exclusive perks from your favorite creator.

Automatic. Fast. Seamless.

Unlike many cash back programs, there’s no need for receipts, promo codes or affiliate links here! LIQUID identifies reward opportunities automatically, through a secure connection to your chosen linked cards. Essentially, members connect their bank once and are rewarded forever.